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Tribunal Response to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Tribunal has determined that the following steps will need to be taken in order to ensure it complies with Public Health advice for social distancing in responding to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Having regard to the unique circumstances of the Tribunal in terms of the size and configuration of its hearing rooms and premises generally, and that the numbers of persons who may attend the Tribunal vary significantly from time to time, it has been determined that the following directions will apply for the moment and until further notice.

  1. All directions hearings, mentions and mediations will ordinarily occur by telephone conference.  Please read ADVICE 1 with respect to the protocols for attendance by telephone conference.
  2. Members of the public should try to limit personal attendance at the Tribunal Registry if possible.  Persons should communicate with the Tribunal Registry by email and by telephone.  However, if attendance at the Tribunal premises is required, please advise the Tribunal beforehand so arrangements can be made which comply with Public Health advice.  The delivery of any hard copy materials can still occur through secure document boxes outside reception. Hard copies of proofs are not required to be delivered to the Tribunal, provided the Tribunal and all other parties have received copies electronically.
  3. Payments of fees should be done by telephone.  If payment by telephone gives rise to any difficulty, please contact the Registry to discuss alternative arrangements.
  4. Remote attendance at Tribunal listings by members of the public can be supported.  Please have regard to ADVICE 1 as to how to participate.
  5. The conduct of listed full hearings will be by video conference only.  Preliminary conferences, directions hearings and alternative dispute resolution meetings will be conducted by telephone conference and video conference.
  6. The Tribunal will support the attendance of any and all persons at full hearings by Video Conference and/or Telephone Conference.  Please read ADVICE 1 and 2 for participation in Video and Telephone Conferencing.
  7. Any directions as to the manner in which a hearing should proceed will be done after affording all parties an opportunity to be heard with respect to Natural Justice or any other relevant considerations.
  8. Any members of the public who may wish to listen to a full hearing of the Tribunal must notify the Tribunal in accordance with ADVICE 1.
  9. Alternatively, the Tribunal will provide (at no cost) a copy of the recording of any public hearing to any member of the public who wishes to listen to proceedings before the Tribunal but was unable to attend.  Please note, that the provision of any recording will be subject to directions restricting its use and publication to other persons which will require that the recording is not to be provided to any other person or published in any way.
  10. When entering Tribunal premises, you must comply with any directions issued with respect to hand sanitization and seating arrangements as permitted by the Court Security Act 2017.

Legal practitioners and other professionals who regularly appear before the Tribunal may wish to make arrangements with their own support staff to facilitate the testing requirements of the Tribunal for use of Video Conferencing systems.  The testing process will be a technical test only, and will not require the actual appearance of legal practitioners or professionals to establish connections