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Application to search Register for actions commenced on the Neighbourhood Disputes about Plants Act 2017.

The Tribunal is required by Section 37(1) and (2) of the Neighbourhood Disputes About Plants Act 2017 to maintain a database of orders and applications made under that Act. This site is to allow the on-line lodgement of Search Applications pursuant to Section 37(4) of the Neighbourhood Disputes About Plants Act 2017 of that database.

The search of the database will occur ONLY by reference to either the Certificate of Title Reference number or the General Law Property Reference number. The ‘Address of the Land’ information is not used for a search of the Register. It is requested for the purposes of quality control in the provision of any results.

The Tribunal will complete the requested search within 10-14 days and provide a certified copy of the result. If additional time is required you will be notified prior to the expiry of that timeframe. Please ensure you lodge your application with sufficient time having regard to any time constraints for the provision of the search result.

If your search is required for a conveyancing matter, please advise of the anticipated settlement date in the field below.

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Please fill in both Certificate of Title - Volume and Folio or General Property Reference.

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