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Resource Management and Planning Appeal Tribunal

The Resource Management and Planning Appeal Tribunal resolves appeals against a wide range of administrative acts and decisions. The Tribunal can also make orders protecting environmental or planning rights and values.

Recent changes

Checking in at the Tribunal Centre

As part of ensuring the safety of all persons who come to the Tribunal premises at 38 Barrack Street, the Tribunals are strongly urging all visitors to use the Check In Tas app. Please download and install the app to your smart devices ahead of time to ensure you are able to check in easily when coming to the Tribunal premises.  The Tribunal will still provide the option of written check in if you do not have a smart phone.  All visitors are reminded they MUST check in either by smart phone or in writing at reception.”

Tribunal Hearing Room Amplification System

The amplification system in the Tribunal’s new hearing rooms at Barrack Street is extremely sensitive.  When the Tribunal is not recording proceedings, the microphones still continue to operate and will send audio through the hearing loop systems to any hearing aid device being used in the room.

As such, parties are encouraged to use meeting rooms or other areas outside the hearing rooms, if they wish to have private conversations.

Amendments to Practice Directions

Please note recent amendments to the following practice directions:

PD 3.11 - Application to Amend a Decision of the Tribunal

PD 7.13 - Minor amendment regarding time for delivery of decisions

PD 15.5 - Additional clause regarding costs decision delivery

Tribunal's Relocation

The Tribunal has relocated to 38 Barrack Street, Hobart.

This map shows our new location and the red arrow in the photograph points to the entrance to our new premises.

38 Barrack street

Our phone number, postal address, and email address have not changed.

If you have any questions about how our change of premises will affect you, please contact us on 03 6165 6794 or by email at rmpat@justice.tas.gov.au